Client Feedback

‘‘Learning to control anxiety/stress levels. Changing my outlook on certain situations and changing the way I feel about myself. Feeling less self critical and self conscious….Apprehensive at first coming to sessions but after the first couple I found it very enjoyable being able to share my worries which relieved the anxiety a lot, having someone there ‘neutral’ to talk to helped.’’

‘‘Feeling less anxious – reduces symptoms. I felt it was beneficial to speak to someone different about symptoms, you know your not going crazy. Felt as though I could push myself more to enjoy social events instead of staying in all of the time. I learnt loads of techniques which I can do if my anxiety comes back i.e breathing techniques, mindfulness.’’

‘‘Helped me manage my negative thoughts and changed the way I saw things to a more positive outlook. Managing my thoughts and learning to be kinder to myself has motivated me to make positive changes to my lifestyle. Great service, was sceptical at first but glad I came. Has changed my mood dramatically!!’’

‘‘Through the sessions, I now think before I act and speak, leading to less confrontational situations at work. I feel calmer in myself which has resulted in less bouts of low mood.’’